How to delete locker password entries in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

In vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.0 VMware introduced “Locker” this is where you store certificates, licenses and passwords. If you for some reason add a password that is wrong or you want to delete an old on you are in trouble. There is no way to delete enries through GUI or CLI. But you can do It through API!

Here is how

First you might need to install a software to do the API calls. I used Postman and you can download here.

When you have installed or if you already have postman, you need to do the following


First you need to insert your credentials in the Authorization tab inside postman and send this POST command. Remember to insert your vRSLCM FQDN address.


If login is successful you will get “Login Successfully” in return.

GET the list of all entries

The GET command will give you a list of all the passwords and they’re vmid. Copy the vmid that you want to delete and use it instead of “vmid” below when you send DELETE command.

DELETE the entries
DELETE http://vrslcm.your.fqdn:8080/lcm/locker/api/passwords/vmid

Run the GET command again to see that the password has been removed or refresh the locker page in the GUI of vRSLCM

2 kommentarer til “How to delete locker password entries in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

  1. Steven Bright

    I’ve attempted to delete credentials using this method but I receive “400 Bad Request” responses when I attemp the last step of issuing the DELETE request. Am I missing something? I don’t see any mention of a DELETE method being supported in the API documentation at https://{vRSLCM_URL}/api/swagger-ui.html#/Locker_Password_and_License_API/


    1. Andreas Innleggsforfatter

      That is correct it is not documented I got it from VMware support. Did you remember to do http and not https on the DELETE command?


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